Athletics Turf Fields

As the premier synthetic grass company in the valley, New Image Synthetic Grass is happy to help you with all of your synthetic grass needs, including Athletic turf fields! Whether you are building a football field, soccer field, or even a baseball diamond, our turf experts can help ensure you have the most realistic athletic turf around, and all for the lowest price possible. Truly, if you wish to have the best turf for your athletic facility, keep New Image in mind; you won’t regret it!

New Image Synthetic Grass athletic fields create the ideal surface for athletes. Here are some of the best aspects and benefits you can reap from our amazing turf installing services!


  • Low maintenance
  • Made in the USA
  • Looks real
  • 24 hour access
  • Lasts and is guaranteed only 2% fade every 20 years
  • Our grass is green and ready for play year around
  • Our crews our professional and seasoned
  • Can be custom made for either High School, College, or NFL
  • Reduces injuries by eliminating uneven playing surfaces
  • Superb drainage
  • Custom tailoring for Football and Soccer fields
  • Branding for all field available, such as logos, etc….
  • Fully integrated with in house crews
  • Waiting for grass to dry doesn’t exist
  • Watering
  • 24 hour access to field
  • Maintenance on grass like mowing, edging, over seeding, etc…
  • Chemicals
  • Any type of mud problems or maintenance are no longer an issue
  • Insects don’t like synthetic grass
  • Brown patches that are an eye sore aren’t a problem

And remember, no matter the time of day, we are always available to answer your questions! Just send in a help request, or call our toll-free number, and we’ll help you the best we can. Trust us; when it comes to synthetic turf in Arizona, we are the best service around!